Helping Manage What You Can't Control
Helping Manage What You Can't Control

Diesel Fuel/Gasoline

We offer a full line of Cenex-branded fuel.  Cenex fuels have a strong reputation for quality and are proven to go the extra mile, car after car and fleet after fleet.  We offer contracting options for our entire line of fuel products with guaranteed quality and a dependable supply.


Choose our fuel products because:

  • Guaranteed Quality
  • Dependably Supply
  • TTP Warranty Packages
  • Risk Management and Contract Options for each product
  • Tailored programs for each customer--we don't do the cookie-cutter approach!


Cenex-branded premium diesel contains a specially balanced addititive package, including an enhanced injector stabilizer, for a high-performance fuel that's good for diesel powered engines and your bottomline.  Cenex fuel delivers more power for pulling heavy loads, outstanding engine protection and smart solutions like winterized premium diesel fo unmatched performance in even the coldest temperatures.


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Our Fuel Products Include:


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