Helping Manage What You Can't Control
Helping Manage What You Can't Control

Risk Management Service


Our Services can be tailored to the individual needs of Jobber Dealers, Fleets, C-Store Operators and End Users.


We take a two part approach to analyze the forward months of the energy market, then manage any position once in place.


Today's extreme market volatility can create many challenges, although our approach is to turn volatility into opportunity.


Our staff has several decades of experience in the energy business, having a solid understanding of the physical energy market place and also how to tie the financial tools to the physical supply to create a well-rounded Risk Management Plan.

Customized Plans


Our customized plans and recommendations are tailored to each unique situation based on needs or goals.


A Propane Dealer may be looking to be positioned to offer contracts to customers, while a C-Store operator may be looking to manage retail margins and a trucking fleet may want to manage fuel costs around a fuel surcharge program while a contractor may want to protect fuel costs to keep a project on budget. We have developed a personalized plan for each of these needs, as well as numerous other scenarios.


Our risk management services are independent of our fuel sales. Unlike most Fuel Suppliers who offer contract programs tied to fuel purchases, our risk management services are available whether you purchase fuel from ESP or another supplier.

Energy Solution Partners offers first class service on assisting customers procure fuel needs, with market intelligence of managing the price risk associated with any purchases. We have developed many standard as well as unique programs to supply your fuel needs. Energy Solution Partners can also help the retail C-store customer with well- rounded programs that go well beyond fuel supply.


Our fuel programs include:

  • Spot pricing
  • Fixed price contracts
  • Maximum price contracts
  • Basis only contracts
  • Collar price
  • Monitored tanks
  • Deferred billing
  • Monthly average price

Our C-store programs includes:

  • In-store buying groups
  • Credit card processing
  • Store Consultants

Contracts are available on as little as 21,000 gallons.

CHS Hedging Inc.

We host a branch office location of CHS Hedging Inc. and have licensed staff to accommodate all your commodity brokerage needs.


CHS Hedging Inc. is a Futures Commission Merchant member of the National Futures Association. Visit CHS Hedging Inc. at


The information contained in these documents is taken from sources which we believe to be reliable but is not guaranteed by us to accuracy or completeness and is sent to you for informational purposed only. There is a risk of loss when trading commodity futures and options. Any hypothetical examples given are exactly that and no representation is being made that any person will or is likely to achieve profits or losses based on those examples. Past results are not necessary indicative to future results.


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